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Kindle version vs. Video Book version

by Anna | October 6, 2018

We all enjoy reading, who doesn’t? Whether it may be from a physical book or from our mobile phones or tablets, the fact remains the same - reading is innate to every one of us.

Now, the technology has evolved so much that it gives us new and effective ways to perform our daily activities. Today, it has innovated even the way on how we read our books! Because of this, we have been getting questions whether to choose the kindle version or the video book version of the Mediwonderland Book series that they are interested in purchasing. 

Before we answer that, can you guess which from the image above is from a video book and which one is from kindle?

Ready to see if your answer is right? 

Kindle uses a grayscale ink display, thus, presenting all the images in black and white. While a video book is displayed in full colour and it’s like watching your books! The page automatically flips after a specific amount of time – long enough for you to go through the page. The coloured display makes it more fun, appealing and interesting for children – what better way to entice children than to show them beautifully colored books? 

Why do I think the video book wins over the kindle version? See below.

Video Book wins because…

Excellent Graphic Presentation

While text-based story books or novels does not differ with each other as the story remains the same whether you read it on the physical book or online, however, visuals such as coloured images, info graphics and such can do wonders for catching your reader’s attention and for children, this allows them to better focus on the story thus allowing them to better understand context of the story.

Reading Can Be So Much Fun!

Imagine watching your book come to life with bright colors! Wouldn’t you be so enticed to read it? Moreover, the book flips by itself without you having to click or touch anything – amazing right? 

It Doesn’t Bore

Along with the graphics and auto flip pages, imagine being able to read with soft and subtle background music? Don’t worry, it won’t distract you from reading, in fact, it will add the right amount of intensity to your reading journey!

Every Story Line and Characters for These Books Were Carefully Chosen To Fit the Story

This is easily noticeable from all the published MediWonderland series, the choice of characters, lines, and images are obvious to have undergone careful selection to deliver a great story. 

The MediWonderland Book series’ inspirations are children. One of our main goals is to introduce children to the wonders of medicine through these story books. We have a team dedicated to their craft in choosing the right character, name, story lines, and images for these books.