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What Age Should We Start Teaching Our Child About Health and Wellness

by Fei | October 31, 2018

Living a well-balanced life doesn’t’ just mean that you have to eat healthy foods all the time. Health and wellness is actually a way of living a balance life. This means that aside from your body and health, you also take time to make sure that you have a harmony of intellectual, emotional, health, social, occupational, spiritual and physical life. 

As we journey to achieve overall wellness, we will also be facing the challenge of teaching our children how to practice a balanced life. If you think about it, it looks challenging and at most scary. How do you do it? When can you start doing this? What about the influence that they will get or see from other people? 

Start Them Young: Simple Lessons Matters

Starting them young is better. What better way can you share values to a child than being a good example? As early as 2 years old, your children can already understand simple practices and they will mostly base this on how they see you – their parents.  You don’t have to go through all the dimension of wellness all at the same time. The reason for this is that some of them aren’t applicable for your children so start with what they can understand…

You can create a mini diary where you can note certain lessons or activities and put them under the wellness dimension they belong to. For intellectual wellness, you can start by teaching some easy and fun chores; allow them to grow by giving puzzles, going to museums, reading informative story books for children and many more. 

Emotional wellness is also a very important lesson for children, at a young age, they will already try to express themselves by showing emotions and even frustrations. We should then allow them to express themselves but to never dwell on the negative feelings. 

Physical wellness is a practice that we can start as soon as they start eating solids. Allowing them to eat healthy food is important so they will grow up strong and healthy. Overall wellbeing is a practice and believe it or not, our children can already show interest with them. 

Another example that we can focus on is social wellness. Allow your kids to be socially active, allow them to play with other children, to know how to deal with small misunderstandings and even comments from other kids Let them experience life and how to deal with situations on their own…

Explaining the Importance of Health and Wellness

Our kids don’t just grow up, they will grow through our values and bear fruits of this when they become adults. As soon as they can understand, we can share stories and tell simple but meaningful lessons about health and wellness. We can incorporate these lessons with games and even let them read informative children’s books. The more they practice and the more they understand, they will learn to not just make it a habit but also treasure the importance of overall health and wellness. 

As parents, once we see that our children are ready, we can already show and teach them how overall wellness works and what is the lesson and importance of each one. These are lessons that actually don’t have a deadline or a limit. As long as you are willing to teach and they are willing to learn – you are bound to be able to impart very important life lessons.

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