Captivating Storybooks Introducing Children to the Wonders of Modern Medicine 


Wendy's books can make a scary experience seem more routine and less traumatic to a young child. This helps decrease stress on the whole family, as well as helps the child to adjust well to the healthcare environment.

- Elesha Draeger, USA
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

- Lisa Anderson
Master of Social Work, US

The Mediwonderland series is amazing. What a wonderful idea to help children deal with the huge range of emotions that occur when kids have to visit multiple doctors, clinics, hospitals and have multiple procedures that can often be very scary and intimidating to young kids. These beautiful, colourful books will put any child at ease, help them learn more about what is happening and identify with the main characters helping them feel more confident and at ease about their medical care. A must for any school library, clinic or parent with a sick child, I highly recommend this series.

- Helen Maffini, Canada
Director MindBE Education-helping children thrive MEd, PhD EdD candidate, NLP Practitioner, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Positive Psychology Coach

Wendy does such a nice job of helping kids become more comfortable with medical procedures. I appreciate her passion to educate which really does take the "scare" away!

- Jennifer Hader
Registered Nurse