Captivating Storybooks Introducing Children to the Wonders of Modern Medicine 


Counsellor | The Vine Church

I have been ordering these wonderful books since the 1st one came out and giving them to my grandchildren, now 8 yrs old and 5 yrs old. We read them and then they ask if they can take them home where their parents read to them and they pick them up and read them. The books are informative, written so that children [and adults] can understand them! The books take the mystery out of what can be scary for a child! Miss Wendy [as my grandchildren call her] has done a super job reaching the children and the illustrations are great! I highly recommend these books!!

- Melinda
Colorado, USA

Mommy and Aunty friends - do check out these books written with children facing medical procedures in mind to make things less frightening to them. They are written by my very courageous and big hearted friend Wendy Lau who herself is going through a tough complicated process of fighting her way back to health. Do get them for your kiddies and even for your local paediatric wards. Recommend these to your doctor friends. 

There are more planned in the series. Praying for Wendy for miracles that will sustain her. She's the most courageous and resilient soul I know. 

- Kwen
Hong Kong

Wendy, what you have achieved in all aspects of your life is absolutely inspiring, I am so pleased to have met you in Brisbane :D 

My grandaugther Brook has a limb deficiency condition, I will write you some more about, she has a FB page: www.facebook/walkinginbrookesworld

You make a difference in people's lives xxx

- Anne

I'm so happy with this, wish you goodluck and for you to help more children and even parents with this wonderful book series. My little niece has asthma and this would be great for her.

- Marie

These are amazing! Very informative and keeps children's attention!

- Kim
Kentucky, USA

I am so thrilled you have authored these books. I had such bad trauma during a blood test as a child I literally had ptsd for decades following any time anyone got near me with a needle. Anything to help kids get through medical stuff is wonderful. I really applaud you. 

- Jillian, Arizona USA

How I see it:

You are empowering the caregivers - the parents and the Paediatric team - to explain, inform children about their illness, medical procedure.

You are providing tools to busy workers in medical teams.

You are giving much needed vocabulary to a Mum or Dad to enable them to share with their child how they are going to be helped.

You are demystifying illness.

You are colourfully, interestingly, graphically informing children - the patients - in a way that helps them understand how they will be helped.

You're teaching human biology and the issues the human body (our machine) comes up against. 

These books can be shared on the eve of the intervention BUT your aim is they are in every school and public library so they educate and inform children who are not ill about bodies and their challenges. They show families (who are not going through the illness at the same time) how amazing the medical profession is.

You could be inspiring children to become doctors!


- Jill

Excellent set of books to help children with the fears of medical procedures and problems. I love these books and will use with my grandchildren. Thank you for this insight into the needs of children.

- Kristi
Washington, USA

These books keep children from being scared of medical procedures. I wish they had been around when my grandson was going through so much. Great job Wendy!

- Kim
Pennsylvania, USA