Captivating Storybooks Introducing Children to the Wonders of Modern Medicine 


We'll feature real life stories from our readers who are inspired by this book series. Some books will be dedicated to them.

Kendall's Story with Adrenal Insufficiency

Read about how Kendall is bravely fighting a life-threatening illness with the support of her family. 

Warrior Jackson's Struggle to Breathe

Find out how Jackson fought courageously against chronic childhood asthma

*Alison's Asthma is dedicated to Jackson

Giana's Battle with Hirschsprung Disease

Giana was diagnosed with a rare case of Hirschsprung Disease and had an Ostomy surgery when she was only 3 days old. Find out about her miracle story.

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Bobby's Amazing Bravery

Bobby has come a long way after battling a rare form of congenital heart disease and undergoing an open heart surgery at just 3 months old. Learn more about his journey.

"Walking In Brooke's World"

Young Brooke has an inspiring journey in overcoming Fibular Hemimelia, a condition that caused a severe foot and ankle deformity. Read more to find out what it's like "Walking in Brooke's World".

Riley's Story with Albinism

Read about Riley's challenges and milestones living with Albinism