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*The following story was shared with us by Jackson's mom, Charlotte

Jackson was born in Wanganui New Zealand hospital on 25 March 2013.

The day Jackson was born I knew something was wrong. He sounded so weezy but I got assured his breathing was ok and he was just mucusy from his birth. From here our journey starts... 

Our Journey

Our journey was one emotional scary roller coaster.

I sat with a baby in my arms knowing something was very wrong, Jackson was clearly struggling to breathe but medical stuff told me it was reflux. I knew very well it was not reflux. 

Soon his reflux suddenly got diagnosed as broncolitis which is a common illness in infants. We spent so much of his first year in hospital as Jackson needed the oxygen and was tube fed.

I had to keep fighting. It came clear to me Jackson had asthma so I took it on myself to give him ventilon which helped but the doctors refused to diagnose his with asthma because he was under a year old. Finally at 6 months doctors had no choice but to give him a diagnosis of asthma. With the diagnosis came the medication he needed to live a almost normal life. 

Here's a video of baby Jackson struggling to breathe


The Biggest Challenges We Faced

The biggest challenge by far was dealing with medical staff who wouldn't take me seriously. I became so anxious and ill myself as i was newly diagnosed with a rare illness and the stress of everything knocked me to my knees.  So I was a single mother with a sick child and a 3 year old. It was a very stressful and emotional time for us all. 

Where We Are Now

Jackson is now a happy 4 year old. He still has chronic asthma and takes his medications which help him greatly.

Sometimes he has flare ups and can't join in physical activities, but other than that he is a normal 4 year old child. 

Tips and Advice for Other Parents

My advice is to put your foot down and make your voice heard if you know something is wrong with your child.

Also reach out for help and support from family and friends. Most are all very willing to help.