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Preparing Your Child for Her First Period

by Fei | October 12, 2018

Watching a little girl grow up is like watching a flower bloom and with every journey to womanhood is also the experience of having your first period. Do you still remember when you got your first period? Did you feel scared, excited or shocked? We all have our own “1st period stories”.  Each one of us has different experiences and by now it might be one of those funny or memorable stories that we can share with our daughters. 

Sooner or later, it’ll be your turn to educate your daughter about her first period but how confident are you in doing so? We all want our daughters to have good memories of this journey and knowing how to educate and support them would be a great help. Did you know that getting her ready for her first menstruation doesn’t have to be boring or worrisome; in fact, it can be a great way to bond with your daughter. 

Where and When Do We Start

As a mother, it’s your call as you will be able to tell when your child is ready. We may be able to notice some signs such as early stages of puberty. From there, you should make sure that you have already established a close connection with your daughter. Talking about women’s health and the functions of our ovaries at a young age needs to be a comfortable topic for both of you. This way, your child can open up to you and ask questions if needed. 

Where do you start? There can be many ways but usually, out of curiosity, your child would already ask about your sanitary napkins at home. You can definitely start from there. You can also give educational story books that will make it easier for you and your child to learn about her first period. 

Emotional and Physical Preparation

Being prepared is always the key so that your child won’t feel scared when her period comes. The key is to be emotionally and physically ready when the time comes. We, as parents can find so many ways to impart this to our daughters. We can share our own experiences, we can let them know what to expect, we can teacher her how and why it happens and even teach them what ovaries and menstruation is all about. 

Creating Memories and Sharing Stories

Creating memories with your daughter while teaching and preparing her for her 1st period is a great way to bond, you can let her write it in her diary or maybe create a scrap book together. Sharing stories and trivia bits is also as fun. You can teach her about how a tampon works and what she can expect when she has a period such as cramps, mood swings and even cravings.

Now, when the time comes, be her support system. Let her know that it’s normal to feel different emotions and to crave food before her period. Be her best friend and to-go-person when it comes to intimate hygiene and concerns. You can also surprise her with her food cravings while bonding together. 

We all want to be our daughter’s best friend and part of this is being that someone who would want her to be ready especially when changes in her body starts showing up. Her first period is just one of those events where our little girls start to become young ladies.


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