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Button Art

Why Books and Buttons?

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I started creating button art to give friends with the same rare illness I have. (The blue butterfly is our symbol of hope)

People started asking for other designs and I started using buttons throughout my stories. I donate to various organisations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation with my Mimi’s Mum’s Breast Cancer book and other charity causes.

Each one takes up to 5 hours to make.

Where you can buy buttons in Hong Kong

I have been to every button shop in Hong Kong and the one below is by far the best in terms of selection, arrangement and a wonderful team of staff.

Winner Button Co Ltd

G/F 175A Yu Chau Street, Shamshuipo, Hong Kong 

Tel: 852 2393 1919.  
Mon to Fri 9am - 6pm. Sat 9am - 1pm

You may visit their FB page here: