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Learn all about Adrenal Insufficiency, an invisible but dangerous disease.

Follow Tracy as she has a tracheostomy inserted and makes lots of friends.


Alberto's AllergyAlberto's Allergy
Bonnie's Bone Marrow BiopsyBonnie's Bone Marrow Biopsy
Passion's ParalysisPassion's Paralysis
Petra's First Period

Available Books

Find out what happens when Andy isn’t careful whilst cycling and ends up in the hospital with a broken leg.

Follow Betty as she has her first blood test and learns that it is not as scary as she thought.

Follow Cherry as she goes for her annual health check-up and learns about all the tools medical staff use to check her health.

Follow Tony as he goes through the process of learning about tonsils and tonsillectomy.

Follow Diana when she learns that she has Diabetes Type 1. 

Follow Carter as he learns about a special machine called a CAT (CT) Scanner when he gets a bad stomachache.

Follow Alison when she finds out she has asthma. 

*This book is dedicated to Jackson

Follow Martin as he gets to learn all about MRI machines after a bad fall at school and learns that going inside the 'tunnel' is not as scary as he thought!

Follow Nigel, who is very brave, as he has a nasogastric (NG) tube inserted, ready for his surgery.

Follow Angie's journey at the hospital after she falls off her bike, has a seizure and then needs a test to check her brain is working properly.

Follow Una as she goes to the hospital to find out why her tummy hurts and ends up getting a very special surprise!

Like many children, Peony has a serious peanut allergy. Follow her journey to stay healthy and lead a normal life with the support of her school and doctor.

Follow Lumo as he undergoes a frightening procedure to find out if he has a serious brain illness and learns that it's not as bad as he thinks.

Journey with Eve as she undergoes tests to look at her heart.

Meet Riley, a young and helpful Patient Ambassador, who guides Kylie through her comprehensive eye check.

Follow Stella when she hurts herself on the slide, and ends up needing stitches.

Learn all about wellness and how you can stay healthy with Wenda and Wesley.

*For books dedicated to a child/children, their full stories will appear under "Real Stories" to share their journeys as well as give tips and advice.

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