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Your Child’s Guide to Being Healthy

by Fei | October 5, 2018

Being a parent is a tough job. As soon as your child is born, your priorities change, your outlook in life and how you foresee the future becomes clearer. We will definitely have priorities and one of the top priorities that we’ll have is our children’s overall wellness. 

It never gets easy, our journey to achieving proper care including health and wellness is always challenging whether it’s your first born or your third child. Research and personal experiences are very important to us so we would be able to impart the proper knowledge needed for this journey. 

As our kids grow older, we start to teach them important life lessons and practices. Part of this is how they would understand the importance of overall wellness. As parents, we try to make sure that while keeping them healthy, we also educate them of the importance of the things that we do for them. 

Here, is a simple guide on how we, as parents can make sure that our children will grow up knowing the values of health and wellness. 

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The Importance of Health and Nutrition. 

From making sure your child brushes his teeth, to his visits to the doctor, to eating healthy foods – it’s not just enough that we tell them how to do it. We need to explain why they are important and what they will benefit from these practices. Here, the use of visual aids is also vital. Educational books and videos are very useful for your child. In that way, at a very young age, they will be aware of the importance of overall wellbeing. 

Aside from basic health, nutrition is as important. As they say, what you put in your body will determine your health. Setting a good example matters – what they see through us is what they’ll do. Yes, we are all busy and having quick meals are very appealing but up to what extend? Sooner or later, we’ll see the results of these poor choices. Start with educating them, we can tell stories, we can show informative but fun videos and so much more. We just have to be resourceful when it comes to our kids. 

Emotional Stability and Safety

Emotional quotient is as important as any other dimensions of wellness. As they say, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Overall health and wellness doesn’t end with a strong body or a sharp mind. Emotional health is as important and will be the core of your child’s future. 

As they are young, we can easily show them how to act and what to do but sooner or later, they will have their own perspective on things and situations. Along with these, our children will learn to deal with life’s situations so it’s a must for us to instill proper foundation for their growth. 

Social Skills

Another dimension to take note is your child’s social skills. From being an active listener, proper eye contact and knowing empathy to good manners. These are just some of the most important values that we, the parents are responsible for. At an early age, start incorporating these skills by reading them stories with moral lessons, allowing them to feel and understand their feelings and even allowing them express themselves. 

Your child’s guide to being healthy starts from us – the parents, from our own understanding to our way of incorporating these values to our children. With the help of educational books or videos and of course the people around our kids who will also share their knowledge to them. This way, a child will not only be wealthy of overall wellness but they will also have the foundation of these values to carry with them until they grow up.